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Virtual Exchange Impact and Learning Reports

These publications outline the Initiative’s role in the field of virtual exchange and share the work of our grantee programs. They include evaluation data for Initiative-funded programs, lessons learned, and recommendations for effective practices on overcoming common virtual exchange implementation challenges.

Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field Reports

The Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field is an annual effort to capture information on virtual exchange programming around the globe. The reports examine data collected from institutions and organizations that implemented virtual exchanges and include key findings, lessons learned from the survey process, limitations of studying virtual exchange, and suggestions for future research.

Curated Lists and Roundups

These curated lists and roundups are a collection of Stevens Initiative-published and external reports, videos, articles, and podcasts. They cover a range of topics and current issues in both virtual exchange and the international education space broadly.


These resources explore the multiple layers of evaluating virtual exchange programs. The toolkit, along with Appendix I and II, share effective practices for program evaluation and provide guidance on how to actively work to improve evaluation methods.

Webinars and Recordings

The Stevens Initiative hosts periodic webinars, online meetings, and other events to train and promote knowledge sharing among practitioners. Find recordings of previous events, as well as a brief video defining virtual exchange.