Resource Roundup: Global Competence

Data consistently shows that virtual exchange has a positive impact on participants’ global competencies. By giving young people opportunities to investigate the world, consider different perspectives, and take meaningful action, we’re empowering the next generation of global citizens to succeed on the world stage.

Read, watch, and listen to these resources around global competence from the field.

World Savvy: What is Global Competence? | Watch

World Savvy aims to create future-ready learning environments that adequately prepare students for a diverse, complex, and ever-changing world. In this video, they break down what it really means to be globally competent. 

The AFS Exchange: Global Competence in the Classroom with AFS | Listen 

This podcast from the international youth exchange organization, AFS Intercultural Programs, features two dynamic educators dedicated to instilling global competence in their classrooms. Learn more about both educators’ participation in the AFS Global Up Americas virtual exchange program and how they’re enhancing their teaching skills by connecting their students with counterparts in Mexico and Colombia.

Asia Society: Use Technology to Develop Global Competence | Read

Technology is making bringing the world into the classroom faster, easier, and more motivating for teachers and students. Read along for real world examples from educators who are using digital platforms and tools in the classroom to prepare students for the future in a world that increasingly runs on technology.

Higher Education Digest: Harnessing Technology for Educational Excellence and Global Competence in Latin America by Dr. Mario Herane | Read

In Latin America, higher education is undergoing a transformation driven by integration of technology to empower students with global competence skills required to excel. Uncover the mosaic of approaches and challenges of incorporating technology into higher education from various countries in the region.