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Collaborative Class-to-Class Virtual Exchange Project Design


  • Customized Trainings
  • COIL and Other Networks
  • Global and Cultural Learning

This training aims to offer educators interested in developing their own virtual exchange an experiential learning experience that takes them through the steps required to design and implement a successful class-to-class virtual exchange. The training starts with an explanation about the logistics, moving on to the learning objectives and the tasks and tools needed to accomplish such objectives. All the topics and issues required to set up and implement a class-to-class virtual exchange are covered, including other ready-made options of virtual exchange. There are five modules: The role of intercultural learning and collaboration in virtual exchange; Establishing learning goals; Tasks and task sequences; Tools and technology; and Reflection, recognition and assessment.

Training Details

Participant profile

Educators (Faculty/Teacher/Learning Facilitator), Program Coordinators, Researchers

Length of Training

Five weeks, two/three hours of asynchronous work and 90 minutes of synchronous session per week. Or, 20 hours online synchronous video communication which can be divided into different time slots depending on an organization’s needs (e.g., five half-day slots, two full-day slots and half a day, 10 two-hour slots, etc.). An ideal solution is five half-day slots where synchronous activities will take place for one hour and a half, then asynchronous tasks are assigned to be carried out in the hour break, and then participants will gather synchronously for one hour and a half per module.


Virtual; on-demand



Point of Contact

Sarah Guth, Training Coordinator, and Sara Pittarello, Managing Director,

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