Soliya's Empowering Growth and Innovation project draws upon 20 years of institutional learning to produce a digital content library of tools and resources in Virtual Exchange program design and constructive online engagement, that virtual exchange practitioners, educators, and facilitators can access to enhance their programs and elevate their practice. The project offers training programs and experiential learning modules in which participants build and hone their skills in active listening, self-awareness, enabling respectful engagement across differences, managing complex group dynamics, and fostering inclusive spaces.


Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation Course:

This asynchronous course can be self-paced. Participants are expected to meet weekly assignment deadlines. There are two optional live sessions.

Advanced Training Course: 

This training includes live weekly sessions and asynchronous learning materials. Asynchronous activities can be self-paced.

Program Details

U.S. States and Territories Reached
  • Open to All U.S. States and Territories
Countries and Territories Reached
  • Open to All Countries and Territories
Length of Exchange

Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation Course: Five weeks (2-3 hours/week); Advanced Training Course: 10 weeks (4 hours/week)