Program Profile

PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education

Game Changers in Education

  • Undergraduate

PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education’s Game Changers in Education brings together undergraduate education majors and pre-service teachers from the United States and Israel for interactive joint learning and facilitated online exchange focused on developing and applying creative negotiation skills in their schools and communities.

In paired exercises, group dialogues, and team-based project work, participants develop intercultural understanding and global awareness while acquiring practical pedagogical and professional tools based on a principled, problem-solving methodology for negotiation developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project. Through the experiential curriculum and their final projects, participants explore how the vital 21st century skills and mindsets of cooperative, interest-based negotiation can be incorporated into their roles as change-makers in education.


Participants come together for a series of six live, interactive workshops facilitated by PATHWAYS on Zoom to jointly navigate a variety of negotiation role plays, simulations, and scenarios, while engaging in meaningful dialogue and exchange. All activities in the program are conducted in international pairs and groups, fostering interaction, ideation, and connection. Facilitated debriefs and discussions allow participants to integrate lessons learned from their experiences and to build intercultural awareness and understanding of different perspectives. Working closely together, participants build vital global competencies and design action plans for how they, as educators, can incorporate the skills, tools, and mindsets of creative negotiation and problem-solving communication into their respective classrooms, schools, and communities.

Program Details
  • Number of Participants: 144
  • Participant Age Group: Undergraduate
  • Partners in the United States: Massachusetts – Empower Peace
  • Partners in the Middle East and North Africa: Israel – Sakhnin College for Teacher Education, Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education, Oranim Academic College of Education, Achva Academic College
  • Project Duration: April 2021June 2023

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Game Changers in Education is implemented by PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education and is supported by the J. Christopher Stevens Virtual Exchange Initiative (JCSVEI). JCSVEI is a U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs program administered by the Aspen Institute.