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PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education

Game Changers: Creative Negotiation Skills

  • Undergraduate

PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education’s Game Changers: Creative Negotiation Skills empowers young people to be leaders by transforming the way they negotiate and problem-solve around differences. The facilitated interactive workshop series brings together undergraduate students in the U.S. majoring in education and social sciences with their peers studying at teachers colleges in Israel to discover and practice a creative approach to negotiation. Based on methodology developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, the program enables participants to develop global awareness and intercultural competencies while gaining self-confidence and building practical negotiation skills for professional development and social leadership.


The program is run as an interactive virtual workshop series, bookended by creative opening and closing asynchronous exchanges. The program opens with a week of asynchronous exchange for participants to get to know one another and set the foundation for the exchange. In the following weeks, live sessions, run by an experienced facilitator, revolve around a variety of negotiation simulations, exercises, and group dialogues. Connective exercises and games facilitate meaningful interaction and relationship-building between participants. Engaging negotiation simulations and role plays allow participants to build self-awareness by identifying and reflecting on habits, assumptions, and choices. Together, participants draw lessons from shared experiences, exploring different experiences and perspectives while fostering mutual understanding. Through the process of negotiating and debriefing a variety of scenarios together, participants build a framework with supporting tools that they can apply in their own real-world negotiations. Participants close the program by sharing reflections and insights through creative final presentations.

Program Details

Number of Participants


U.S. States and Territories Reached
  • Massachusetts
Countries and Territories Reached
  • Israel
Length of Exchange

Six-seven weeks (two and a half hours/week)

Game Changers: Creative Negotiation Skills is implemented by PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education and is supported by the J. Christopher Stevens Virtual Exchange Initiative (JCSVEI). JCSVEI is a U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs program administered by the Aspen Institute.