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Enactus US and Enactus Morocco

Enactus Entrepreneurial Exchange

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate

Enactus Morocco and Enactus US’s Entrepreneurial Exchange helps university students and young adults gain entrepreneurship fundamentals through a virtual course that culminates in ten cross-country, cross-culture teams competing in a project pitch competition.

Participants gain entrepreneurship fundamentals through a virtual course. Students also participate in virtual exchange teams that are crosscountry, crosscollege, and crossgender to create entrepreneurial projects addressing one of the United Nation17 Sustainable Development Goals. The exchange culminates with project pitches judged by a panel of business and other leaders and the awarding of global entrepreneurship certificates for all participants.


University students learn business and entrepreneurship fundamentals – needs assessment, ideation, project implementation and impact – through virtual course. With four modules covering topics such as entrepreneurship, team management, business acumen, and partnership development, the online course culminates in students pitching an entrepreneurial project at Demo Day. Working in virtual exchange teams that are crosscountry, cross-college, and crossgender, students develop an entrepreneurial project addressing one of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Weekly milestones are included in the programming; group instruction with facilitators from the US and Morocco are used to touch base and support students to remain engaged throughout the program. Teams are asked to set two meetings a week and provide reports to staff on outcomes and progress they make at each. Slack is provided to teams to communicate and interact with the staff. 

Program Details
  • Number of Participants: 834
  • Participant Age Group: Undergraduate; Graduate
  • Project Duration: April 2021June 2022