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Coding with Empathy Challenge

  • High School/Grades 9-12

Empatico’s Coding with Empathy Challenge, developed in partnership with, aims to foster a generation of empathetic problem solvers who seek to understand problems from different points of view.


Through teacher-guided discussions, coding activities, and virtual exchanges, students explore the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They also learn to leverage social-emotional and computer science skills to address global issues in inclusive and compassionate ways that lead to better, more equitable outcomes for everyone.

The program begins with an exploration of identity and stereotypes as students reflect on their own identity and get to know peers in a partner class. Students investigate how and why biases exist in technology, further exacerbating social inequities and unjust practices. Together, students discuss actions to mitigate these issues, such as fostering diversity in STEM fields and leveraging social-emotional skills (e.g. empathy) to understand the potential impact on different groups of people. Finally, students identify an issue in their community and use coding to develop a solution, while exchanging stories, findings, and constructive feedback with their partner class.

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U.S. States and Territories Reached
  • California
  • South Carolina
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  • Mexico

Empatico’s Coding with Empathy Challenge is funded by the Stevens Initiative, which is housed at the Aspen Institute and supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.