• Elementary School/PreK-6

Educación para Compartir’s Culture for Sharing is a virtual exchange program for elementary school youth from Yucatán, Mexico, and New York City, United States, focused on global issues and interculturality. Culture for Sharing promotes the development of global competence in children by appreciating their own culture and others’ cultures and participating in a dialogue with their peers from different contexts. Culture for Sharing incorporates fun activities that use play as a tool for learning and promoting the development of social and emotional skills and the practice of the civic values that make dialogue and cultural understanding possible.


Participants begin the exchange by meeting peers in their paired classrooms and setting the norms and expectations for the project. Then, through playful activities, they reflect on their identity and the aspects of their culture of which they feel most proud. Based on this, participants create cultural treasures such as models, drawings, recipe books, stories, etc., and present them to their peers from the other school. In the final weeks, they hold an online Diversity Party, which celebrates their differences and similarities as global citizens, and exchange photo albums with their partner school. Prior to the exchange, teachers participate in a three-hour in-person training session, where they learn the basics of the Learn to Play approach and plan the activities to be implemented during the exchange.

Program Details

Number of Participants


U.S. States and Territories Reached
  • New York
Countries and Territories Reached
  • Mexico
Length of Exchange

Seven weeks (one hour/week)

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Educación para Compartir’s Culture for Sharing is funded by the Stevens Initiative, which is housed at the Aspen Institute and is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.