Program Profile

American University of Ras Al Khaimah

Acknowledge – Challenge – Transform (ACT): Developing Empathetic Leadership

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Young Adult

AURAK’s Acknowledge – Challenge – Transform (ACT): Developing Empathetic Leadership prepares college-aged youth in the United States and Middle East with the knowledge and skills required to acknowledge and challenge various forms of biases through empathy.

This program actively engages young people to acquire pertinent skills in bias awareness, empathy-building, and leadership for the 21st century. ACT: Developing Empathetic Leadership assists young people in transforming into more empathetic individuals ready to lead and contribute to positive change and promote global tolerance.


ACT: Developing Empathetic Leadership brings together participants to collaborate in four live, interactive sessions, where they discuss issues related to bias and how to use empathy as way to overcome biases. Participants then collaborate in international teams to collectively produce a video on topics related to empathetic leadership. Videos are presented in a cumulating virtual conference, which brings together participants from around the world to share their experiences from the ACT: Developing Empathetic Leadership program. 

Program Details
  • Number of Participants: 216
  • Participant Age Group: Undergraduate; Graduate; Young Adult
  • Partners in the United States: Texas – Texas A&M CommerceBaptist University of the Americas
  • Partners in the Middle East and North Africa: Lebanon – American University of Technology
  • Project Duration: April 2021 June 2022