Cancelled – 2020 Virtual Exchange Forum: Creating a World Class Connection

Event Description

This event has been cancelled. 

At a time when global learning and connections are critical in an increasingly connected world, it is vital to provide young people with more opportunities to engage with their peers around the world. Virtual exchange prepares youth to be active citizens, develops professional skills, and serves as a tool for educators to meet important learning goals.

During the 2020 Virtual Exchange Forum: Creating a World Class Connection, attendees will learn more about virtual exchange and experience firsthand the power of this innovative global education opportunity. Attendees will hear from educators, program implementers, and alumni and will participate in a simulated virtual exchange to better understand how virtual exchange can impact young people in their communities.


Event Type

In-person Event

Event Location

Washington, DC

Event Date and Time

April 15, 2020, 8:15 am