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2021 International Education Week Lineup

Thank you for joining us for 2021 International Education Week to celebrate virtual exchange as an innovative and meaningful part of international education. If you’re not already on our outreach list, subscribe to stay updated on all upcoming events and special releases.

Monday, November 15: Kickoff

Blog from the Director: We’re excited to share a blog post from our director, Christine Shiau. Read her reasons for why virtual exchange should be celebrated during IEW and always.

Webinar: In 2021, AFS received funding for one of seven independent research projects selected by the Stevens Initiative to investigate issues in virtual exchange design and practice. Watch the recording of Strengthening Virtual Exchange – AFS’s Research Results to get a first look at preliminary findings on the efficacy of virtual exchange in strengthening high school students’ global competence, insights into what makes a virtual exchange effective, and practical implementation advice from industry experts.

Tuesday, November 16: Youth Voices

Testimonial Release: Each year, we ask virtual exchange participants and alumni about how they’ve been impacted by virtual exchange. We are excited to share this year’s testimonials here.

Webinar: While virtual exchange practitioners are experts in creating impactful programs, youth participants have a valuable perspective drawn from their virtual exchange experience that should be considered. Hear from three young people about their virtual exchange experience at our webinar, Youth Voices: Insights from Virtual Exchange Participants. Watch the recording here.

Wednesday, November 17: 2021 Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field Report

Report Release: Last year’s report included findings from a survey of virtual exchange programs that connected young people in the United States with young people in other countries from fall 2019 through summer 2020. Explore findings from this year’s survey here.

Launch Event: During the launch event, the report’s authors will give an overview of the survey results, highlighting key findings and implications for the virtual exchange field. Watch the recording here.

Thursday, November 18: Engage

2022 Virtual Exchange Academy Application Opens: The Virtual Exchange Academy prepares education and exchange leaders and practitioners to participate in the innovative and powerful field of virtual exchange.

Getting Involved: The Initiative has several pathways to get involved in virtual exchange, including joining a program or mobilizing youth participation. This IEW, consider bringing virtual exchange to the young people you serve. Check out our ways to engage here.

Stevens Initiative Info Session: Info Sessions are online presentations providing an introduction to virtual exchange, the Stevens Initiative, and basic steps for getting involved in a program or starting a new one.

Friday, November 19: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Virtual Exchange

Resource Roundup: As an emerging and evolving field serving young people around the world, it’s crucial that every element of virtual exchange accounts for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re sharing a list of resources that will be helpful to education and exchange leaders as they design and implement programs. Find the roundup and accompanying reflection questions here.

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