Stevens Initiative Grantees Celebrate 2022 Teacher Appreciation Week

Read quotes from our grantees recognizing the ways that teachers go above and beyond to make virtual exchange possible for their students. Learn about all of these virtual exchange programs here and read a blog about experiences of teachers who have implemented virtual exchange here.

“As a nonprofit organization committed to building relationships, partnerships, and trust through international exchange, Global Ties U.S. has tremendous respect for the value of teachers and educators. From developing competencies that prepare youth for the global workforce, to facilitating idea sharing and learning for career professions, teachers create meaningful and transformative experiences that open doors to the world. We are truly grateful to teachers for all they do to support our programs and our mission.”

Global Ties U.S.

"The teachers Culturingua has worked with through the Global Social Entrepreneurship Journey in San Antonio, U.S., and Benghazi, Libya, have played such a critical role in enabling student success by allowing students to build cross-cultural friendships and critical skills for the future. Thank you, educators, for all you do."


"Teachers and students have a lot on their plates, especially around this time of year. Whether it’s preparing for end-of-the-year exams or taking time for themselves, there is much to do in a little amount of time. Watching teachers rise to the past year’s challenges – connecting students around the globe and bringing their passion for games into the classroom – has been truly rewarding. It shows that Game Exchange has a tangible impact on youth and highlights the value of global collaboration. The educators participating in Game Exchange, and their passion for learning, have played an instrumental role in making this program successful. We can’t wait to bring on our next cohort.”

Games for Change

"This virtual exchange wouldn't have been possible without the sacrifice and dedication of teachers at Lydex High School. They helped students engage in cross-cultural communication through the Global Leadership Exchange program. We are so grateful for all that they do to provide students with the opportunity to learn 21st century skills and get a deeper understanding of global issues."

Lydex High School, Morocco

"Our educators are incredibly dedicated to virtual exchange. On top of their everyday work, they have chosen to invest time and effort into our program, ensuring their students receive a global education. They overcome many challenges, like timezones, so their students can join synchronous opportunities like our live events. For example, Houssnia is an educator from Morocco who is implementing our Human Rights course with her students. She made accommodations just so that her students could attend two live events. Through this opportunity, her students were able to connect directly with and learn from their global peers. Our participating educators go above and beyond to incorporate virtual exchange into their teaching and they do it year after year. Kendra, an educator from New Jersey, started with our Human Rights program with her students last term. She and her students loved the experience and she is now implementing Overcoming Bias with a new class this term. She is dedicated to the program and recently shared that she would like to involve her whole school! These are just two examples of the dedication and commitment exemplified by our teachers. We appreciate each and every teacher and all they do to support the growth of their students. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!"

Global Nomads Group

If you’re a teacher interested in bringing virtual exchange to your students, explore our Join a Pathway and Mobilize Youth Participation pathways.