Stevens Initiative Evaluation: Post-Program Surveys

Learn more about the 2023 Virtual Exchange Grant Competition here.

Required Survey Questions

Grantees will be required to administer post-program participant surveys based on the U.S. Department of State’s Monitoring Data for ECA (MODE) Framework. The Initiative anticipates the domains below will be included in required program evaluation plans and is sharing them with interested applicants so they can proactively plan to include them in their program evaluation processes. The final set of required survey questions will be shared with selected grantees well before the beginning of their virtual exchange activities. The phrasing of MODE questions cannot be changed and questions are available in Arabic, English, and French. The Initiative is open to discussing with grantees whether certain items/questions are appropriate for their program and participants’ circumstances. 

    • Demographics: grantees are required to use the following questions but responding is optional for participants:
        • All locations: age; gender
        • U.S. participants: race/ethnicity; home state 
        • MENA-based participants: home country
    • Participant’s understanding and interest in cross-cultural relationships 
    • Participant’s belief that they can have impact on their community or country
    • Participant’s perceptions of opportunities to engage with other cultures during the exchange
    • Participant’s reporting of increases in their soft skills, job skills, and digital skills from participating in exchange opportunities
    • Participant’s satisfaction with their virtual exchange experience
    • The following domains are required for MENA-based participants only: 
        • Participant’s change in understanding of American culture and values 
        • Participant’s opinion of the American people 
        • Participant’s agreement with statements in support of democratic values 
        • Participant’s reporting of increasing network of Americans 

Grantees may propose to use additional survey questions – for example, questions related to the unique topic or purpose of their program – with approval from the Initiative and the U.S. Department of State.