2022 Summer Reading List

Each Thursday this summer, the Stevens Initiative will share reading recommendations for educators and virtual exchange practitioners preparing to engage youth over the next academic year. Check back each week for our latest additions.

1. 2022 Virtual Exchange Impact and Learning Report | Read

Why we recommend it: As many educators and virtual exchange practitioners know, the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will persist for years to come, making virtual exchange critically important in the years ahead. Building on the 2019 and 2020 reports, our 2022 Virtual Exchange Impact and Learning Report shares updated data, lessons learned, and effective practices that can be applied in schools, universities, and extracurricular programs. Whether you’re back to in-person learning but want to enhance your classroom with virtual elements, or curious about what the latest data on the impact of virtual exchange is, this report will be helpful to anyone interested in keeping young people connected through technology in a transformed world.

2. Coming June 30th

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10. Coming August 25th

11. Coming September 1st

12. Coming September 8th

13. Coming September 15th