Announcing the 2020 Virtual Exchange Grant Competition

The Initiative will fund virtual exchange programs that fall under three grant types.

  • Scaling Grants: Funds long-standing, proven programs that reach large groups of young people. These programs show promise for sustainability and continued impact on the virtual exchange field.
  • Efficiency Grants: Prioritizes programs that experiment with new efficiencies to increase reach and impact. These grants present opportunities to learn about best practices for virtual exchange implementation.
  • Seeding Grants: Supports new, promising virtual exchange models. These programs are likely to scale over time and diversify the virtual exchange field.

Through these grants, the Initiative aims to reach an additional 40,000 young people.

The Initiative is interested in seeding new models as well as scaling proven models of virtual exchange through proposals focused on technology and computing, world affairs and global studies, business and entrepreneurship, language learning and practice, and public health. Proposals must demonstrate that young people participating in the program will have the opportunity to build practical skills and global competencies through hands-on and collaborative activities.

Learn more in the call for proposals here and access frequently asked questions here. Applicants may be particularly interested to read feedback compiled by the Initiative in response to proposals submitted during previous grant competitions.

What is virtual exchange?

Virtual exchange uses technology to connect people for education and exchange. Virtual exchange programs typically serve young people. Many virtual exchange programs are international, connecting participants in different countries to help them gain global competencies, among other knowledge, skills, and abilities. Many practitioners believe that facilitation by prepared, responsible adults — often but not always educators — is an important component of successful virtual exchange.

Webinar Information

The Stevens Initiative will host two webinars about the 2020 Virtual Exchange Grant Competition.


If you are not eligible for or interested in applying to the 2020 Virtual Exchange Grant Competition, learn about other ways to make virtual exchange possible for youth in your community here.

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