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LYDEX and ASU Prep Digital

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  • Arizona
  • Ben Guerir
girl sitting outside

In this photo, a female student with fair skin and auburn hair, wearing a dark teal shirt and jeans, is shown sitting on the ground outside, legs crisscrossed with a laptop balanced on her lap. Trees with yellow leaves can be seen directly behind the student in foreground and slightly blurred in background, while fallen leaves scatter the ground around her. She has one hand in her hair and is seen smiling at the laptop.

Global Leadership Virtual Exchange Program

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Lydex and ASU Prep Digital’s Global Leadership Virtual Exchange provides participants in Morocco and the United States a chance to work together via an online exchange course to gain collaboration, cross-cultural, and leadership skills.

Using curriculum and with the support of trained teacher facilitators, participants work together to complete a course of project-based activities. In addition to strengthening cross-cultural skills, the program prepares participants to work together on real issues in a tech-supported, globally connected environment.

  • Number of Participants: 500
  • Participant Age Group: High School/Grades 9-12
  • Project Duration: August 2020 to June 2022


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