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Request for Proposal for Producing Case Studies for the Stevens Initiative

The Stevens Initiative is seeking an external consultant to write a case study.

July 2, 2019

Request for Proposal for Producing Case Studies for the Stevens Initiative

Contact: Haili Lewis

RFP Issue Date: July 2, 2019

Proposal Deadline:  July 19, 2019

Project Deadline: October 15, 2019


The Stevens Initiative is an international effort to build global competence for young people in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa by growing and enhancing the field of virtual exchange: online, international, and collaborative learning. The Initiative was created as a lasting tribute to the legacy of Ambassador Chris Stevens. The Initiative advocates for virtual exchange as a means to build global competency skills, including the capacity to work with people from other backgrounds, digital literacy, problem-solving, and language skills. These skills will prepare young people to participate in the global economy. The Initiative aims to increase empathy for people from other backgrounds; to improve engagement; and to reduce conflict for future generations. Virtual exchange can significantly increase these skills and enable attitude shifts in a manner that is cost-effective, scalable, and uniquely capable of reaching populations that are not otherwise reached by in-person exchange programs.

The Initiative is housed at the Aspen Institute and is a collaboration between the family of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Department of State, the Bezos Family Foundation, the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, among other public and private partners.

More information about the Stevens Initiative can be found here:

Project Goals and Deliverables

  • The contractor will write a publication containing three short case studies. The case studies are intended to help practitioners and those interested in joining the field understand how programs have been conducted, to inform their decisions about which programs to join or how to design their own program.
  • The publication will include three case studies about individual virtual exchange programs, each of which will be approximately three pages, as well as introductory and concluding material that synthesizes the themes that run across the cases.
  • The consultant will be involved in selecting the theme as well as the specific cases to be included and involved in refining the publication structure. The consultant will work on behalf of the Initiative to gather information about the programs featured in the case studies, drawing on input from the Stevens Initiative, virtual exchange practitioners, and other research. The consultant will collect images or information to be shared in graphics, tables, and/or charts that may be developed by the Stevens Initiative or its partners.
  • The consultant will draft an inception outline, which should be reviewed and approved by the Stevens Initiative. After each publication section is complete, the consultant should share it with the Stevens Initiative for review and should revise future drafts based on feedback from the Stevens Initiative. The number of reviews of each section will depend on the quality of the first draft received. The consultant should plan for two rounds of review once a full, complete draft of the entire publication is finalized. The edits will be reviewed by the Stevens Initiative and others designated by the Stevens Initiative. The final publication should include the proposed placement and appearance of graphics, tables, and/or charts.


This publication is primarily intended to inform practitioners or educators interested in getting involved in the virtual exchange field to help them join a program or design their own program.

These case studies will be shared publicly with the Initiative’s stakeholders, including funders, awardees, partners in the public and private sectors, teachers, students and their communities, as well as practitioners in the fields of education, technology, and international relations.

Budget and Timeline

The Stevens Initiative estimates that this project will take 50-60 hours. The proposal should include a detailed timeline, listing the amount of time that will be needed for each component of the project, including calls with Stevens Initiative team and the organizations and individuals that are the subjects of the publication, research and data collection, writing, editing, and any other components. Please provide an estimated budget within the proposal, including breaking out the costs separately for the items listed in “Project Deliverables.” The budget should include all costs, including the hourly rate.

Applying and More Information

Please submit your proposals to Please include an overview of your services, examples of prior work on similar projects, and your CV/resume.

For more information about the Stevens Initiative or this call for proposals, see or email


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