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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and Texas A&M University

project locations
  • Ben Guerir
  • Texas

ENGAGE: Leadership in a Virtual World

School of Agriculture, Fertilization and Environmental Sciences (ESAFE), Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and Texas A&M AgriLife and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University’s “ENGAGE: Leadership in a Virtual World” is a collaborative seven-week virtual exchange program that introduces participants to international intercultural competencies through a variety of group assignments with agricultural and non-agricultural leadership themes.

ENGAGE immerses both graduate and undergraduate participants in a virtual environment of diverse teamwork, active listening, conflict management, leadership/followership, critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication through positive dialogue. Through these facilitated dialogues and intentional activities, participants develop critical skills that are relevant in today’s global workforce.

  • Number of Youth Participants: 625
  • Participant Age Group: Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Project Duration: August 2020 to May 2022

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