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Authored by Mohamed Abdel-Kader

Message from Stevens Initiative Executive Director

I have been incredibly interested in the work of the Stevens Initiative since its inception for its ability to harness the connectivity of the internet and provide a platform for young people to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. It is equally exciting to see young people learning and collaborating across oceans and borders while gaining a deeper understanding of one another’s perspectives as an everlasting tribute to Ambassador Stevens.

I’m joining a great team and a remarkable community of partners who are committed to advancing the field of learning through virtual exchange – and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do my part. As the field matures and grows, we must be strategic in our partnerships, continue to develop a community of practice and research, and explore how new technologies can enrich learning in virtual exchange.

In the coming weeks, the Stevens Initiative will announce its next cohort of awardees. We’re excited to see them roll their programs out across the United States and the Middle East and North Africa. Additionally, we are launching a new website that will give students, educators, and the broader public a chance to see the impact and share resources about virtual exchange.

We encourage you to get in touch with us and let us know how virtual exchange has changed your learning experience, enhanced your career, or had an impact on your classroom or campus. You can email us at stevensinitiative@aspeninstitute.org.

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