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Winter 2024 Theme: Global Competencies

The development of global competencies is often positioned as a value of virtual exchange. But what are global competencies? How can we communicate about them in a way that excites people to use virtual exchange to foster global competency development? We’re inviting contributions that illustrate global competencies in a way that is understandable and inspiring. Pitches should position global competencies in a way that anyone can grasp, focusing on human-centered, real-world examples and using language that is conversational and inviting.

Published Content

Resource Roundup: Global Competence | Read 

Cultivating Empathy in Virtual Exchange Comic Strip | LinkedIn | Facebook

Contributed by Katja Riikonen

District of Columbia Public Schools Educator Testimonials | LinkedIn | Facebook

Contributed by Caroline Faircloth

Virtual Exchange Case Study: Unlocking Students’ Global Competencies | Read

Contributed by Lorette Pellettiere-Calix, Linda Jones, Christopher Whann, Sandra Winn, Luis Camacho, Moises Banks, Elsa Moquete, and Melissa Rosario 

William Davidson Institute Participant Testimonials | Read

Contributed by Amy Gillett

A Bill of Rights and Commitments of Global Learners | Read

Contributed by Luciana Lallaizon

Video Game Console Meets Virtual Exchange | Watch

Contributed by Jawhar Benslama