2022 Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field: Call for Responses

The Stevens Initiative’s 2022 Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field is an important effort to document globally the numbers and types of virtual exchanges connecting individuals with their peers in countries around the world. Virtual exchange implementers are encouraged to participate in this effort to document this growing area of international education. This third iteration of the survey effort will yield critical insights about virtual exchange programs and the evolution and growth of the field.

Information at a Glance

Information and Resources for the 2022 Survey Effort

Helpful information for prospective respondents can be found below. Specific instructions for completing the survey can be found by following this link to the survey. Respondents are encouraged to review those instructions, the PDF of the survey, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page before starting the survey. Only responses submitted through the online survey will be accepted. 

Please reach out to with any questions, concerns, or requests. 

FAQs: Please see a compilation of responses to FAQs about the survey here. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact

Defining Virtual Exchange: Prior to beginning the survey, please refer to the Stevens Initiative’s Virtual Exchange Typology. For the purposes of this survey, a virtual exchange is a method that uses technology to connect people for education and exchange, yet can be inclusive of many program types. Common elements of virtual exchange programs include the following: 

    • They are mediated through technology, but might comprise many activity types.
    • They are international, connecting participants in different countries in order to help them gain global competencies, among other knowledge, skills, and abilities. 
    • They are often facilitated by prepared, responsible adults who are often—but not always—educators.

If you are curious whether your program meets this definition, please reach out to Note that only those participating programs deemed to meet our definition of virtual exchange will be eligible to participate in the incentives below.

Our Appreciation: Participating in the survey offers several opportunities to showcase your work. To show our appreciation for completing this survey, the Stevens Initiative will: 

    • Publicly release the aggregated data from this survey later this fall, including sending a report to all respondents. 
    • Select a few programs that submit valid responses to be highlighted either in the public report or in a public webinar to discuss the survey findings in November 2022. 
    • Acknowledge and list all participating and eligible virtual exchange providers on the Initiative’s website with a link to include in your promotional efforts. In 2021, our website was viewed nearly 120,000 times and our outreach list had close to 9,000 subscribers.

Data Use: The Initiative will only report or share aggregated data and will not share individual responses that are associated with your programs or organization. We ask for your contact information for the sole purpose of communicating about the survey and for outreach.

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The 2022 Survey of the Virtual Exchange Field is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.

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